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  • What are the prices for our lash services?
    SGD $48-$138 for upper lashes. SGD$20 for lower lashes.
  • How much do you charge for removal of lash extensions?
    Removal is free if your current set of lashes are done by us, otherwise it will be $15-$20 if done by other salons. Note that we do not do removal only from other salons. If you're doing in-house removal only, there will be a fee of $10.
  • How long will my lashes last?
    Extensions: If you've had lash extensions applied, their lifespan can vary based on the type of extensions, adhesive used, and individual care. Typically, extensions can last from 4 to 6 weeks before they start shedding naturally along with your natural lashes. Aftercare and Maintenance: Proper aftercare significantly influences the longevity of your lash extensions. Following your technician's instructions regarding cleansing, avoiding oil-based products, and gentle handling of lashes can prolong their lifespan.
  • How do i maintain & take care of my lash extensions?
    Avoid exposing your lashes to water within the initial 12-24 hours after the extension procedure. *Refrain from rubbing your eyes or sleeping on your side to maintain the integrity of the extensions. *When applying eyeliner, opt for a water-based formula to prevent any adverse effects on the lash extensions.
  • What should I do if some of my lashes have fallen out? Can I request a touch-up?
    We offer touch-up services within a three-week period from your initial lash application. During this time frame, if your lashes experience shedding or require a touch-up, you're eligible for this service at 50% of the standard price. However, after the initial three weeks, the adhesive holding your lashes may have naturally worn off, leading to more extensive lash loss. In such cases, we recommend a full re-do of the lashes for optimal results. Our team will be happy to guide you on the best course of action after the three-week mark to ensure your lashes continue to look their best. Please contact us for further assistance and to schedule an appointment.
  • How long is each session?
    A full lash appointment generally lasts between 1 to 2 hours. The duration may vary based on individual needs and the extent of touch-up required to achieve the desired results.
  • Please Read Our Terms and Conditions
    Late policy Please be punctual. 10 mins grace time will be given, 15 mins for first-timers. Your appointment will be cancelled and the deposit will be forfeited if you arrive after the grace time as it will cause inconvenience to customers coming in after you. If you insist to proceed, we will only be able to extend 70% of your lashes. $20 deposit is required Please make deposit/payment within 2 hours of the appointment, otherwise, the slot will be given to the next customer on the waiting list. First come first serve basis thus no reminder will be given. Deposit is non-refundable unless there is a mistake on our end. Package Expiry for 5+1 sessions package will be 12 months from the date of purchase. (No sharing of package) Expiry for 10+2 sessions package will be 24 months from the date of purchase. (Able to share among 2 pax) Cancellations for more than 5 times will result in 1 session deducted. Last minute cancellations of less than 3 days notice will result in 1 session deducted. Package can't be utilized during festive period. Promotion Promotional offers cannot be combined or stacked with other promotions. Promotions are exclusively applicable to the acquisition of new sets of eyelash extension services. Promotional benefits are reserved for services provided by Senior and Director-level artists. Promotional offers are valid solely during non-festive or non-peak periods. Requirements for all promos: Customers must follow our Instagram page "" and like our Facebook page "". Free Lower Lash Promotion Criteria: Complimentary lower lash promotions are limited to specific designs: Manga, Foxy, Thai, and Sunflower styles. Rescheduling Should there be a need to reschedule, please inform us with at least 3 days to 1 week lead time, depending on our availability. Refund/Cancellations No refund/compensation will be entertained once payment has been made. No refund of deposits made. Cancellations of more than 3 times will result in a lower chance to secure a slot in the future. Deposit will be forfeited if we are notified of rescheduling with less than 3 days lead time. No refund for purchased products & package. No show without notice = Deposit forfeited. Appointment Advance reservation required. Appointment basis only, we do not accept walk-ins. Touch Up Touch up is only applicable if your lashes are done within 3 weeks, have 70% of them intact & it will be chargeable at 50% of original price. Touch up of lashes is only applicable to once. Touch up of lashes & brows from Dlashsg only. FOC touchup for brows is only applicable to within 3 months for one time redemption. Payment Preferred mode of payment by PayNow, Paylah, Cash or Visa/Master card. If you are paying by cash, please bring the exact amount. IF: If there is an issue after you left the salon, we will look into the matter and handle it accordingly. We will not be responsible for anything that is advised before the procedure. If you are disappointed in the outcome, please do allow us to fix it before you leave. We want our clients to leave our salon with a smile!
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