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About DLash

DLASHSG emerged in Singapore in 2016, driven by a mission to redefine beauty standards. Simultaneously, Glow Up Aesthetics was founded in 2020 with a clear vision: to offer premium eyelash, embroidery, and aesthetics services without the burden of hidden fees, making them accessible to all.

Both DLASHSG and Glow Up Aesthetics share a commitment to providing top-notch beauty solutions at reasonable prices.  This shared dedication to transparency and quality services has allowed them to carve a niche in the industry, catering to a wide spectrum of clients seeking unparalleled care and affordability in their beauty journeys.

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Founder, Demi

In 2016, Demi ignited her journey in the beauty industry.

Starting as a self-taught lash technician, she honed her skills by experimenting with various lash techniques on herself. Intrigued by the artistry of eyelash extensions, she embarked on a global quest, traveling across different countries to learn from leading experts in the field.


Her pursuit for excellence led her from the vibrant streets of Vietnam, Taiwan, China, and to the sophisticated lash salons of England, where she absorbed invaluable knowledge and perfected her craft. A wealth of experience and expertise amassed from her travels. With a clear vision back in Singapore, she continued to elevate the lash industry till date. 

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